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About Us

Narrative manipulation, conspiracy theories, and disinformation on social media platforms have been effectively exploited to undermine democracies and elections across the world over the past decade. Evidence shows that these techniques can undermine democratic participation, deliberation, and institutional action. The Center for Analytics and Behavioural Change has found a coordinated network of accounts that are spreading misinformation with the aim of harming our constitution and democracy. The network is sharing information aiming to exploit our unequal past to promote divisiveness, to undermine and disregard the rule of law and to destabilise our country to protect certain politicians from being held accountable for their corruption.

Where do we go from here?

It is going to take all of us to make this democracy and work that includes you
This is a conversation for all
No voice should be left unheard and no-one must be left behind
Chat with us and let us know what you think it will take.


This is why we do what we do:

Democracy Yethu Kaofela was born in reaction to a coordinated network of accounts that is spreading mis- and disinformation to propagate narratives that are harmful to our constitution and democracy. The objective of the disinformation and divisive messaging is to create racial division, and provide cover for individuals and groups that should really be exposed for their malfeasance, and face prosecution for these unlawful acts.

Therefore we demand accountability and respect for the rule of law, emphasising the value of working together, providing educational content and debate for people to empower themselves with knowledge.

Our Pillars

ACCOUNTABILITY – To ensure accountability for corruption and the prevention of theft in both the government and private sector. We will not be captured and plundered again. Our politicians must know we will not allow it.

RESPECT FOR THE RULE OF LAW – To respect and uphold the rule of law as defined through democratic process, to defend and protect our constitution.

VALUE OF UNITY WITHIN THE DEMOCRACY – To stand together when the future of the country is at stake and to work tirelessly to protect our democracy.

EDUCATION – To share and provide educational content around the South African Democracy, our Constitution and Narrative Manipulation